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How to Use a Whiteboard Calendar

Whiteboard calendars offer a quick and easy way to organize your daily schedule and tasks. It’s also great for on-the-go planning. There are all sorts of sizes of such calendars. If you are going to look for the best whiteboard calendar, a 2×4 may be a good choice. This size is perfect for any setting, from your personal workstation to the meeting room. You can even tack the whiteboard calendar 2×4 to your fridge.

If you want to start keeping track of important dates and planning your months, here are tips on how to use a whiteboard calendar of the 2×4 type.


First off, select the most accessible and practical location. Consider things like your specific needs, your house or office’s design and who the dry erase calendar is for. You might prefer the wall of your office, somewhere in the family room, near the front door, in the kitchen or anywhere as long as you and the kids can view the calendar easily and quickly.

It’s a good thing a whiteboard calendar 2×4 is very easy to install and remove. If you change your mind about the location, just transfer it somewhere else.

Use Color Coding

A great thing about a whiteboard calendar 2×4 is that you can use different colours of markers with it. This will not only make organising your schedule fun, it’ll also enhance the calendar’s effectiveness. For instance, if you assign different colours for each family member’s tasks, you’ll keep track of their important dates with just one glance.

Here are other uses for different white board colour schemes:

– Different colours for
– Different colours to indicate one-time tasks and recurring tasks
– Different colours for tasks regarding work, school, church, etc.

Select a Different Colour for Bills

Bills are often a part of daily life, and if you want to organise all aspects of your life, don’t forget the bills. Consider using a whiteboard calendar (of the 2×4 type) for bills and use a specific colour for financial matters only. Additionally, you can either list down the names of the payee or list the bills’ due date chronologically.

Keep the Whiteboard Clean

Markings on a whiteboard calendar 2×4 may become hard to erase when its surface gets very dirty. Some spots and flecks of ink may accumulate and be hard to remove. Markers may also leave faint marks.

The best way to clean your whiteboard calendar 2×4 is to use the cleaning product suggested by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers of whiteboard produce spray cleaners made specifically for removing old marker streaks. There are even cleaners for permanent markers.

Whether your whiteboard calendar covers one day, a week or a month, it’s a very handy tool. Families and offices will always be reminded of plans, meetings, and events.