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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

Even the simplest type of whiteboard calendar, magnetic or not, can be a useful thing to have around. It helps you organize your schedule more effectively and it makes planning events a lot easier. Having a whiteboard calendar, magnetic or not helps you remember special dates effortlessly since you see it every day. Moreover, unlike some type of planner or pocket calendar, there is no chance you will misplace your whiteboard calendar. Magnetic types are easily the best choice for you if you are planning to install your whiteboard calendar inside a small office or a bedroom.

Nowadays, it is practically easy to look for a whiteboard calendar of the magnetic type. However, if would like to save money, you can easily come up with your very own whiteboard calendar.

To make your very own whiteboard calendar (of the magnetic type) here’s what you’ll need:

• an old large picture frame
• hot glue gun
• fabric
• permanent marker ruler
• galvanized sheet metal
• spray paint (if you wish to change the frame’s color)

You can purchase a piece of galvanized sheet metal and have it cut at any nearby HVAC shop or you can opt to obtain an entire roll at any local Home Depot shop and cut it with tin snips yourself.

Once you have gathered all the things you need for your whiteboard calendar (magnetic), you can start by gluing the fabric round the galvanized metal sheet. You can use any type of fabric around your house. Just remember that the idea is to spend as little as possible; it would be preferable if you just recycle old fabrics. However, it is advisable that you avoid fabrics with busy prints as it may make your whiteboard calendar a bit messy.

After you have glued the fabric to the metal, you can then move on to measuring your frame in order to decide how large you want each square to be for your whiteboard calendar. Magnetic types are the easiest types to work with since you can easily take them out once you decide to change something.

Once you have measured the dimensions, draw grid lines over the fabric using a permanent marker. Make sure you have enough boxes to fit all 30/31 days of a month. Also it’s important that you write them on the right side of the fabric. Afterwards, you can put your frame back together. If you want to make your whiteboard calendar more stable, you can add a layer of cardboard at the back.

Finally, you can attach heavy-duty magnets on the back of your whiteboard calendar to hold it in place. For added convenience, you can purchase numbered magnets (which are very cheap and can be bought anywhere) so you won’t have to keep erasing dates every month. This will also make your whiteboard calendar less boring to look at. However, if numbered magnets aren’t really your thing you can just settle for chalk-ink markers, they are always convenient and easy to clean.