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Ways to Use a Whiteboard Calendar Planner

The world we live in today may be very technologically advanced, but other useful things around us aren’t all Web 2.0 apps. Take whiteboard calendars, for example. They don’t come with multi-touch technology, but they get the message across. Here are ways to use a whiteboard calendar planner in your home and life.

Message Center

A whiteboard calendar planner makes a great messaging platform at home. In all reality, some members of your house rely on messaging the old fashioned way — using notes. Besides, there will be times when you simply can’t send someone a message through Twitter just to say where you’ve gone and when you’ll return. So, if your whiteboard calendar is large enough to have space for a message board, communicate with other members of the family here. Of course, you should place the whiteboard calendar planner in a spot that everyone can easily see, like the refrigerator door or beside the main door.

The whiteboard calendar planner can also come in handy when used as a place to write your shopping list. Other household members can then write items they want included in the grocery list.

List of Daily Tasks

Whiteboard calendars are very effective tools if you want to jot down your appointments, meetings, important dates the analog way. Place the board in an area that you can quickly reach while sitting at your work station. Having a personal list of tasks makes it easier for you to designate time to specific tasks.

If your schedule involves private matters, you might want to keep the whiteboard calendar planner in an area hidden from other people. It might get a little embarrassing if everyone should see your them.


A whiteboard calendar planner already has a calendar template, so all you have to do is fill out the days of each month. This calendar won’t be as interactive and functional as your Google calendar, but as with the message board, the whiteboard calendar planner is a good way to remember important dates and share important tasks with the rest of the family or office.

Bloggers may also use the calendar to remind themselves of the regular feature articles of their blog.

Pending Files Area

If your whiteboard calendar planner is magnetic, you can attach your pending items on it, such as paperwork, letters, receipts and faxes that are yet to be filed and processed. This will prevent clutter from accumulating on your desk and keep your papers within arm’s reach.

These are just some of the many ways you can use your whiteboard calendar planner. If it’s big enough, you can even fulfill all these functions in one whiteboard calendar. Use this guide to come up with your own ways to use your planner. If you look hard enough, you may even find more ways to use a portable whiteboard.