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Three Things to Know about Whiteboard Refrigerator Calendars

The kitchen is the busiest part of most homes. It’s where meals are cooked, family members gather, snacks are sneaked, and homework and other school projects are done. This is exactly why the kitchen is an ideal spot for a whiteboard calendar. Refrigerator accessories include items that help organize your home and decorations that add some flair. Since some whiteboard calendars are magnetic, they’re often used as refrigerator accessories. With a calendar in the busiest area of the house, you and your family members will always be reminded of important dates, events and meetings among other things.

If you intend to use your whiteboard calendar, refrigerator and kitchen in unison, here are things you need to know.

1. All whiteboards have different surfaces.

Whiteboards may be constructed with glass, laminate, melamine, painted aluminum or painted steel. Although melamine (a kind of resin-covered paper) and painted steel are more susceptible to scratching, they are great options if you want to clean your whiteboard calendar easily. Refrigerator whiteboards may still have ink markings all over them despite how well you have cleaned the board. On the other hand, even if you have the most expensive painted steel whiteboard calendar, refrigerator magnets are still exposed to a lot of mess and stains. If that’s what you’re worried about, porcelain, laminate or glass may be the right choice as they’re scratch and stain resistant.

Among all these types of surfaces, the least expensive is the melamine whiteboard calendar. Refrigerator dry erase whiteboards may come with a lifetime warranty, though.

2. Buying a whiteboard means buying its accessories as well.

Without a dry erase marker and an eraser, you will not be able to use your whiteboard calendar. Refrigerator wipe-off boards may still work without the right marker, but it means having to use a permanent marker, which happens to be very hard to remove.

You may need to buy a whiteboard cleaning solution every now and then because flecks of ink may remain on the board no matter how well clean it.

3. Whiteboards are available in different sizes.

There are all sorts of sizes of wipe-off boards, so you’ll surely have no trouble finding the right whiteboard calendar. Refrigerator doors have limited space, so think about the available space when picking out the size. If you have plans of transferring the board away from the kitchen, think about the available space of your target area(s).

The best whiteboard calendar is something that fulfills its intended function. Location is also a critical factor; whiteboard calendars placed in secluded areas will have minimal impact on the efficiency of its users. As you can probably tell by now, all whiteboards have different features. Before you head to the store or contact online sellers, define your preferences and needs. Remember this guide and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to choose a whiteboard calendar.